digital dental lab.

Byrnes Dental Laboratory is a cutting edge, digital dental laboratory that is revolutionising the way dental labs work. Our unique vision, approach and ethos ensure our work and service are to the very highest standard.

We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in the world of digital dentistry meaning we can accommodate cases across any digital dental system in the world.

Unique Vision

Ashley Byrne travels the world to pick the brains of top industry innovators. He then brings back the best of these ideas and puts them to practice in our state-of-the-art lab. Everything, from the physical layout of the space to the team structure, as well as the technology and materials we use. It is designed to ensure a streamlined, quality-controlled process, yielding restorations of the very highest quality.

Unique Approach

We turned the traditional lab layout on its head and completely opened up the work space to be open plan and to encourage an organic workflow. We have a flat internal team structure so every team member is accountable and can take full responsibility for the work we produce. The result is an incredible improvement in team investment and productivity.

Unique Ethos

Our team goals are to collectively produce the very finest work for our clients, always pushing the boundaries of the possible. As our team members are each actively invested in the outcome and in painting the picture of our future, we are able to work synergistically in a fun, relaxed and yet dynamic and rewarding way.