Teeth that look like teeth

Our ceramic team members are sourced from all over the world – artists in their own right, they are always working to achieve perfection. We use leading ceramic materials, offer rapid turnaround times when possible and deliver stunning smiles. A happy patient isn’t just lovely to see, it’s also great for your business.

Single Anteriors

Smile Design

Single anteriors

For the hardest of restorations, our team have all the tools to hand. From Apple Macs and iPads, SLR cameras and colour adjustment software we can achieve great results simply from your camera. We have a whole host of materials to play with to mask posts, brighten dark teeth and even correct a wonky bunch of preps.


Smile design

We have a slightly different view to many labs, in that we believe the perfect smile simply doesn’t exist – nor do symmetrical smiles. So whilst we use some smile design software tools, the final smile is always as unique as your patient. We use some super-cool digital tools, but the final result is always tweaked by one of the artists. We also ensure it’s achievable, conservative and as minimally invasive as we can make it. Simply put, we love making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!