Strong, functional and aesthetic denture solutions

Removable restorations are still very much a part of dentistry, although the options available have evolved with technological advancement. Our digital workflow and precision processing ensure exceptional results that allow you to provide your patients with strong, functional and aesthetic denture solutions.


Full Dentures

Partial Dentures


Implant-retained dentures offer patients a cost-effective alternative to an All-on-4 restoration, using at least two implants in the mandible and four implants in the maxilla. The patients’ denture experience is hugely improved by the superior stability, strength and aesthetic of implant-supported overdentures. Systems commonly used include:

  • Removable (ball head type or implant bar framework)
  • Screw-retained (implant bar framework)

Full Dentures

Utilising the latest technology and materials, we are able to create full prostheses that are entirely life-like, from the gums to the teeth. We offer all materials for dentures including:

  • PMMA
  • Solvay and high-performance polymers
  • Cast and 3D printed

We also have lots of new and innovative 3D printing options for dentures on the horizon, so don’t hesitate to contact Ashley and the team for the most exciting new updates in denture technology.


Partial dentures

Advances in digital prosthetic creation allow us to craft partial dentures with improved strength and stability in the mouth, giving the patient a far superior daily experience and also a longer lifetime for the prosthesis.

Cobalt Chrome

Adaptable and biocompatible whilst offering optimum function, comfort and aesthetic. Clasps aid retention and provide improved stability whilst chewing for a superior patient experience.


We are selective with the cases we use Solvay for, but on the right cases, this really is an amazing material. It’s silent when inserting, feels great in the mouth, with no metallic taste, and doesn’t feel hot or cold. Our experience in the right cases has been incredible, and the feedback from patients has been exceptional.