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ashley, alison
& red.

lab owners, bbq enthusiasts, pet parents to pygmy goats, chickens and the legendary boxer dog red (the only animal that comes to the lab by the way).

A unique English and Aussie union (unless the rugby is on), with a desire to change the dental lab world for the better, forever. Driven by innovation and high-tech state-of-the-art manufacturing, this husband-and-wife duo and their incredible team, aim high and love being disruptive in dental technology. Red is more interested in the dog biscuits, but then no-one’s perfect.

Ashley Byrne (BSc Hons (Eng), DipCDT (Eng), GDC 117867)


There isn’t much this team doesn’t know about digital dentistry. Some days it seems that they live in the Matrix for real.

Hungry for knowledge, addicted to 3D printing, they don’t see the sky as a limit, but more as a bunch of 1s and 0s.

Digital artists, computer experts, anti-gypsum campaigners and a drive to break all the rules of analogue dentistry. It’s a team that wants to change dentistry forever – and will.


Possibly the happiest, most cheerful people you could ever meet, this dream team makes sure you get exactly what you want, on time every time. Oh, and with a smile of course.

They run the lab like clockwork and the technicians know to never cross an ops team member, especially when checking dates.

Drop them a bell and feel the smile down the phone – trust us, it will make your day.


Having an obsession with the colour pink is considered by psychologists to demonstrate a loving, kind, generous and sensitive nature. Yep, that’s this team all over.

Making false teeth look nothing like false teeth, it’s all about an asymmetric smile and stunning gum work.

This team takes ‘think pink’ to a whole new level – incorporating every shade under the sun to create natural-looking results as diverse as the patients who will be wearing them.


Artists and perfectionists, including a photographer, a painter, a horticulturist, a florist and a musician, this is a team that simply oozes talent.

You could really resent this highly talented group of people if they weren’t so utterly fabulous.

Always pushing the limits, this humble bunch has a desire to perfect ceramics, colour and contour like any true artist.


Where it all starts. Getting the perfect scan or impression is at the heart of any good restoration.

Whether you’re using digital scans or conventional impressions, our dedicated models team is equipped with cutting edge print technology and years of experience casting, so we think they’re the perfect mix to ensure your hard work is captured accurately.

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