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digital workflow image showcasing software used for cases

revolutionary digital workflow, from start to finish.

digital communication

Intra-oral scanners (IOS) are becoming increasingly more common in dental surgeries now and that suits us beautifully, as we strive to move dentistry towards a completely digital workflow. Digital impressions are not only faster, safer and more comfortable for your patient, they’re also more accurate and efficient.

At byrnes dental lab we haven’t yet met an IOS we can’t accommodate or work with. They improve the treatment, communication and final results which is why we have invested so heavily in digital. We work with all IOS, with our scans printed on the first Carbon M2 printers in Europe. We also frequently work with the ‘usual suspects’, but invite you to challenge us by sending another kind of file. If we don’t already have a system in place to accept it, we’ll make sure we install it.

digital manufacturing

Milling and printing now lie at the heart of byrnes dental lab in our custom manufacturing centre.

We do not cast metals, they are either milled or 3D printed. Cleaner, less waste, better for the patient and of course, always reproducible at the click of a button should the worst happen or we need a spare.

3D printing systems

3D printing is the logical extension to 3D scanning and allows finer detail than milling, which is limited by the size of the milling tool. Our 3D printer is free from the milling machines’ need to have every surface accessible.

With increasing material choices, 3D printing offers almost endless possibilities. Models, special trays, soft tissues, splints, guides, verification jigs and soon even full dentures can all be printed using 3D printers in our lab.

cad/cam milling

In-lab CAD/CAM milling allows us to produce the highest quality restorations with the quickest turnaround times.

The digital interface also means we can quickly spot any potential issues and fix them ahead of time, greatly reducing the need for revisions.

Fracture and failures are our biggest fear at byrnes, which is why we only use materials of the highest standard and from ethical companies.

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